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renato molo

founder - Rummelier®

Renato Molo

Founder and Rummelier®

École Hôtelière de Lausanne Graduated

Renato Molo, a distinguished individual in the realm of spirits, holding the prestigious title of a certified Rummelier® and proudly affiliated with the esteemed Royal Rum Society™. Hailing from the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, Renato honed his expertise at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Lausanne, establishing a foundation for his profound passion for spirits.

Having traversed through diverse roles in luxury restaurants and hotels, Renato’s journey took a distinctive turn when he encountered the enchanting world of Colombian rums. Captivated by their unique qualities, he made a conscious decision to channel his expertise exclusively into the exploration and appreciation of this exceptional spirit.

Renato Molo: Member of the Royal Rum Society™ and Certified Rummelier®, his journey unfolds as a testament to his dedication to the art and craft of fine rum.



Luz Gomez

Rum tasting hostess

Rum and Chocolate Tastings Expert

Luz Gomez, our seasoned hostess, whose extensive experience and vibrant personality bring a touch of warmth and authenticity to our team. With a background spanning over 7 years in the dynamic tourism industry, Luz has honed her craft as an outgoing and customer-oriented professional.

Luz’s journey in hospitality has seen her traverse the globe, from the bustling streets of Genova, Italy, with Costa Cruises, to the energetic atmosphere of Miami, United States, with Carnival Cruise Line. Now back in her hometown of Cartagena, Luz is excited to showcase her expertise and passion for service.

With Luz Gomez as your host, prepare to embark on a captivating exploration of Colombian rum, chocolate, and more, as she shares her deep-rooted love for her homeland and its treasures.

Andrés Ponce


Andrés Ponce

Rum tasting host

Rum and Chocolate Tastings Expert

Our host, a seasoned chef and connoisseur of fine flavors, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to our events. Having lived in Jamaica, he immersed himself in the rich culture of rum, soaking up every bit of its vibrant heritage and nuanced craftsmanship. His journey didn’t stop there; he went on to become the founder and owner of his own company, dedicated to sharing his expertise and love for culinary excellence.

For over two years, he has been an integral part of the Lunático team, where he not only captivates guests with his deep understanding of rum and chocolate but also serves as our esteemed chef. Leading engaging cooking classes, he shares his culinary secrets and helps participants master the art of fine cuisine.

With him, you’ll uncover the secrets of Colombian rum and embark on a fantastic journey of flavors. His sessions are not just tastings but an exploration of history, culture, and the intricate processes that make each sip and bite an extraordinary experience.

Daniela Atencia


Daniela Atencia

Rum tasting hostess

Rum and Craft Beer Tastings Expert

Daniela, the heart and soul behind our Rum, Chocolate, and Craft Beer Tasting experiences. Starting as a waiter, Daniela’s evolution into a connoisseur of Colombian spirits has been nothing short of remarkable. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a genuine love for what she does, Daniela has immersed herself in the world of rum, chocolate, and craft beer, mastering the art of tasting and storytelling along the way.

What truly sets Daniela apart is her boundless enthusiasm and dedication to taking each tasting experience to new heights. With her warm demeanour and infectious passion, she effortlessly guides guests through a sensory journey, sharing insights into the origins, flavours, and traditions of Colombian products. It’s not just about tasting—it’s about connecting with the culture and heritage behind each sip.

Daniela’s expertise and genuine love for her craft ensure that every moment spent with her is an unforgettable experience.

our Mission, vision and values


To curate unforgettable experiences that transcend mere tastings, where rum and chocolate become windows into Colombia’s rich culture and heritage. Through immersive journeys, we delve beyond flavors, illuminating the traditions, processes, and customs that shape these iconic treasures. We are more than a tasting; we are ambassadors of Colombia’s essence.


We envision a world where the true essence of rum is celebrated and understood, dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding this beloved spirit. By sharing its storied history, from its origins to modern-day craftsmanship, we aim to elevate the appreciation and knowledge of rum, fostering a deeper connection with its heritage and culture.


At the heart of our ethos lies transparency and integrity. We are committed to providing honest and accurate insights into the world of rum, debunking falsehoods and shedding light on the authentic processes behind each sip. Through our dedication to truthfulness, we strive to cultivate a culture of respect and reverence for this cherished tradition, one sip at a time.


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