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renato molo

founder - Rummelier

Renato Molo

Founder and Rummelier

École Hôtelière de Lausanne graduated

Renato Molo, a distinguished individual in the realm of spirits, holding the prestigious title of a certified Rummelier® and proudly affiliated with the esteemed Royal Rum Society™. Hailing from the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, Renato honed his expertise at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Lausanne, establishing a foundation for his profound passion for spirits.

Having traversed through diverse roles in luxury restaurants and hotels, Renato’s journey took a distinctive turn when he encountered the enchanting world of Colombian rums. Captivated by their unique qualities, he made a conscious decision to channel his expertise exclusively into the exploration and appreciation of this exceptional spirit.

Renato Molo: Member of the Royal Rum Society™ and Certified Rummelier®, his journey unfolds as a testament to his dedication to the art and craft of fine rum.

andres ponce


Andrés Ponce


Co-host and founder of AWAECOCO

Andrés Ponce, our Co-host with an extensive expertise in Rum that goes beyond borders. Having spent valuable years in Jamaica, Andrés brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for this spirit to our team. His love for sharing the true essence of Rum elevates every tasting experience, making it an unforgettable journey into the world of flavors.

But Andrés is not just a Rum connoisseur; he’s also a skilled Chef and entrepreneur. His culinary expertise adds a unique touch to our events, creating a perfect synergy of flavors that complement the exquisite spirits we showcase. Whether he’s crafting a delectable pairing or sharing captivating stories behind each Rum, Andrés’ commitment to delivering an exceptional experience is unmatched.

From his time in Jamaica to his culinary ventures, Andrés embodies the spirit of exploration and passion that defines our commitment to providing you with remarkable moments.

Daniela, jesus, janin

Supporting team

The Team

Supporting team

Behind the scenes of our experiences

The backbone of our team—the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes, handling setups, maintaining cleanliness, and delivering top-notch service. Their dedication ensures your experience with us is seamless and memorable. And when it comes to our scaled-down Rum and chocolate tastings, as well as Colombian craft beer tastings at Refresquería Lunática, you can count on Janin and Daniela to elevate your tasting journey.  From event preparations to service moments, Janin and Daniela, along with the rest of our dedicated staff, embody the key to our exceptional hospitality.


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