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Rum & Chocolate Tasting with Rummelier® Renato Molo and his team

Welcome to our Rum and Chocolate tasting experience

Embark on a flavorful adventure with our Rum and Chocolate Tasting classes. It’s not just about savoring Colombian rums and pairing them with exquisite Colombian chocolate; it’s an opportunity to delve into the history, stories, and the fascinating birth of rum.

Hosted by Renato Molo (and his expert team), a Rummelier® and member of the Royal Rum Society™, hailing from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, our classes offer more than just a tasting. Renato, with his background in the renowned École hôtelière de Lausanne and experience in five-star Swiss hotels, brings a passion for top-quality drinks. After taking a sabbatical leave and traveling through Central and South America, he fell in love with Colombia and its flavors. He eventually decided to make Cartagena de Indias his home, co-founding a business with his wife, Chef Maria Delgado.

Why Choose Us?

We firmly believe that Colombian products are hidden gems, often misunderstood. Our classes aim to showcase the beauty and richness of Colombian products, dispelling any prejudices. Led by Renato Molo and his expert team, our classes offer more than a product; they provide a complete experience, enriching your knowledge and satisfying your curiosity.

We’re not just another rum tasting experience; we’re a Boutique Rum tasting, setting a new standard and showcasing in-depth what Colombian rum truly is. Join us on a journey of discovery and indulge in the unparalleled flavors of Colombian rum.

What to expect
In our classes, you won’t just taste rum and chocolate; you’ll become fully immersed in the history, production styles, geography, and culture of Colombia. We offer more than a product; we provide an enriching experience.

You’ll taste eight different Colombian spirits, each crafted in different regions using unique techniques. Learn the art of proper spirit tasting, along with techniques and insider tips to identify diverse flavors, enhancing your future explorations of rum and other spirits.

Pair these exceptional spirits with Colombian craft chocolate to elevate your tasting experience. Finally, cap off the session by preparing a historical cocktail, a favorite among Royal Navy seamen for centuries. But, to keep an air of suspense, you’ll have to book this experience to uncover the secrets yourself. Don’t hesitate—book now and indulge in an unforgettable experience.

Rummelier® Renato Molo

COP 280'000.-

Price per person. Different hours are available prior agreement.

Colombian Rum and Chocolate

Did you know that Colombia produces some of the most delicious and internationally awarded rums in the world? Many of these rums are not even available in Colombia, as they are exclusively produced for other countries. But with our rum and chocolate tastings, you can sample some of the finest and most exclusive Colombian rums available.

Our tastings are designed to be both educational and enjoyable. You’ll learn about the history and legends behind each rum, and discover what makes them unique. We’ll also share information about the origins of these exceptional rums, adding to the excitement of the experience.

If you’re a rum connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates a good drink, our tastings are not to be missed. Book your tasting today and discover the best of Colombian rum.


about the Colombian Rum and Chocolate tasting experience

COP 280'000.-

Price per person. Different hours are available prior agreement.
Colombian Rums

We offer a large variety of Colombian Rum

Colombian Chocolate

Pair the delicious rums with amazing Colombian made chocolate

Local destillates

Colombia not only produces rum: you'll discover the ancestral distillate of the Pacific.

The studio

Comfortable with air conditioning space and amazing view of the Castillo San Felipe.

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Zanoni ContrerasZanoni Contreras
16:27 06 Sep 23
Dylan KesslerDylan Kessler
01:06 22 Aug 23
Etienne JuneauEtienne Juneau
15:22 01 Jul 23
Amazing experience. I come back and bring friends.
19:20 16 Jun 23
We had a great time! Very professional and friendly Renato was on top! I recommend this activity! 🥃 🍫
Daniel RamosDaniel Ramos
02:58 03 Jun 23
Great presentation! Good atmosphere. Renato is very knowledgeable about rum and provides a great details about the rums and chocolate!
Fatmata SankohFatmata Sankoh
04:29 19 May 23
Thought I knew about rum until I did this tasting. Learned so much from Renato's wealth of information and storytelling. The rums got better with each tasting but the second one was my favorite. The chocolates paired well with the rums and my tastebuds. I could not stop eating. I loved the intimate setting and small group. It was my brother's birthday and Renato and his team made it extra special by preparing a slice of delicious cheesecake with candle to help me celebrate his birthday. We met a lot of cool people (all from the US like us). Definitely would recommend to my clients and friends!
Yogi the ShooterYogi the Shooter
02:07 18 May 23
Top notch experience. Renato is the best. He’s super knowledgeable about Rum, he has a great passion for it and each rum tastes perfect with its pairing. We had a late afternoon tasting and are still on a high from it into the night.He also knows so much about the hot spots in the city. My girlfriend and I are very pleased with our ticket purchase.
Sophie FellmerSophie Fellmer
01:10 16 Mar 23
My boyfriend and I did a rum and chocolate tasting with Renato and loved it!! It was a unique experience which was definitely our highlight in Cartagena!We tasted different Colombian rums and were impressed by the variety. The chocolates were delicious and a perfect addition to the rum!Renato was a wonderful host with a profound knowledge, through which he could answer all of our questions and led us through the tasting experience. We would definitely recommend this tasting to anyone who likes rum or is just curious about it - a perfect evening, prepared with all love and detail!
Mitchell FlyMitchell Fly
03:43 07 Dec 22
This is an absolutely incredible experience to be a part of. You get to sample a wide variety of Colombian rums that the creator (Renalto) has personally selected, paired with some phenomenal Colombian chocolates. The experience is very casual, while still knowing that you’re dealing with an expert. For gaining an understanding of Colombian rum, the history, the geography, and the flavor behind it, you can’t get a better experience.
Abigail YearyAbigail Yeary
03:42 07 Dec 22
This experience was amazing! Renato was so knowledgeable about each rum and made the experience so unique and educational. The view from the restaurant is incredible and the chocolate and rum was delicious. Best experience in Cartagena!
Chuck GChuck G
19:56 29 Sep 22
Simply incredible. As a whiskey drinker, I always thought rum was something only to use as a mixer in a daiquiri. NO MORE! The rums I tried were incredible. I'm so glad I took this tasting class. Great rums, great people, great time 🙂
Way YuhlWay Yuhl
15:14 03 Sep 22
We loved rum and chocolate! This is one of our favorite experiences anywhere in the world. We learned a lot about rum we learned a lot about chocolate. The rum was excellent the chocolate was excellent and a host was fantastic. He was knowledgeable, he was fun, he was professional, he felt like a good friend
Amy TodorovaAmy Todorova
14:58 03 Sep 22
This was a great experience in Cartagena. It was well set-up and everything we tasted was great. Renato was amazing -- he was very knowledgeable about everything he was speaking about. He also was extremely responsive to messages that we sent ahead of time when we had questions about switching times. My husband was sick and we were afraid we wouldn't make it and he worked with us to come up with other solutions in case we had to miss the activity. But luckily we were able to go and we are so happy we made it!

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